Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Syven - Aikaintaite

(Love it when two writers report on the same album.  Nice to see their various opinions.  Now Crimson King chimes in on Syven's newest)

For those, like myself, that think the darkness is like a warm soft blanket, cover yourselves with SYVEN.

This is what I would consider dark, but not sinister, new age electronic tribal folk (Did I just coin a new musical genre?). HEAVY beats that conjure an animalistic instinct, long forgotten in our psyche. Though our tribal instincts are dormant now, this music.... the heavy beat of an ancient heart, cuts through millenia of evolution, and touches our inner, primal selves.

It's drone vibrates the soul. You arrive in a meditative state with an audio mantra sung by SYVEN. If you let it, the sound can take you from your body and lead you on a journey of night flight. Stars watch over you, nocturnal creatures stare in wonderment as you float passed them in a dream.

"An incredible ambient musical entity born of a collaboration between Aslak Tolonen (Nest) and Andy Koski-Semmens (Ereipia) -- on February 7th, 2012." The date of a new birth of sound that surrounds you, speaks to your soul, calms the violent nature of the days impact, and sends you on an adventure in time, space and sound. I love this!!!!

--Crimson King

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