Ripple Theater - Barry Richards TV Collection Vol.1 featuring Tommy Bolin, Alice Cooper, Humble Pie, Bob Seger

In the 3 years I've been scribbling for Ripple I've received some very cool stuff - lots of great music, some cool feedback on my reviews (Captain Sensible commented on my review of Grand Funk's Live Album!) and the chance to bond with my fellow rock freaks out there. But this DVD/CD that I was just got in the mail might be one of the best perks I've ever received. If you're into kick ass classic rock don't even bother reading this review. Just go to the bottom of the page and click the link to order a copy. Trust me, you're gonna want this as soon as possible.

Back in the early 1970's Barry Richards presented a low-budget TV show that featured rock bands playing live. Shit, just having good quality footage of Alice Cooper doing "Eighteen" and "Black Juju" from 1971 is worth whatever they're charging for this. And then there's the smokin' version of "Rollin' Stone" by Humble Pie back when Frampton was still in the band. So good! There's Zephyr featuring a very young Tommy Bolin (Racer, have you ordered your copy yet?) playing a gorgeous Les Paul. This is also back when Bob Seger used to rock hard so you get 3 killer jams including a burning "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man." Bob's really going for it rocking a red, white & blue Gibson Firebird (paint job probably inspired by Wayne Kramer's American flag Strat he played with the MC5) and a drummer with an insane drum kit. There's also some very cool footage of the Byrds backing up Fats Domino and an interview with Little Richard. But the best part for me is excellent performance from Muddy Waters.

The audio CD is also very cool. There are 2 interviews Barry did with the Beatles in 1964 that collectors will love to have. Dr. John also gets interviewed and turns in a great 10 minute version of "Gris Gris." Alice Cooper freaks like me will love the radio concert ad Barry did in 73 as well as the 16 minute interview with Alice and Flo & Eddie.

This review is kinda short because after the first viewing I was pretty dumbfounded. I could write some more but I'd rather go watch this thing again. The booklet has lots of cool photos and interesting liner notes from DC area native Joe Hasselvander of Pentagram and Raven. That guy certainly knows his rock n roll. This is mandatory viewing, don't snooze on it. The cover says it's Volume 1, hopefully there's a lot more of this coming out soon.



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