The Single Life - Pilgrim - "Quest"


Some of the most behemoth doom music on the planet is coming from our tiniest state. Rhode Island's Pilgrim are premiering a track off their full-length debut, Misery Wizard, which is set for a Feb. 14 release on Metal Blade Records. "Quest" (9:52) is the third track off the album and starts SO lethargic and cumbersome. The Sabbath-style riffs are coated with impressive, soaring vocals at 30 seconds and the tempo picks up considerably near the halfway mark. You get a great 70s-inspired solo before the pace gradually slows back to where it started - a knee-scraping crawl. Ends with serious feedback. Yes. CLASSIC doom. Think St. Vitus and Pentagram. Nah. Think Pilgrim. Listen to "Quest" and you'll be as excited as I am for Misery Wizard and its classic doom sound. "Quest was one of our first songs," the band said in a collective statement. "It has a special place in our hearts. It tells the tale of a man's grueling journey though a desert to obtain an ancient relic locked away in a palace for thousands of years."

Read an interview with the band and listen to "Quest" here: