Nightchild - Dreammaster (single review)

When listening to Nightchild's new single, "Dreammaster" I liked the music right away, but the vocals didn't grab me right away. I'm very glad I kept listening, because by the chorus, I was dancing along! The chorus is broad, and blasting, and I loved every note of it and the rest of the song! And when I started the song all over, I loved the begining too!

"Dreammaster" is ghostly goth, but still has a technoey base that keeps it moving, not letting it lay back. I loved the track because it combines haunting organ playing with industrial keyboards, Clash-like vocals,  driving bass, and drum machine.

There is great crossover appeal with this band, from horror punks, to some cyber-goths, and still be able to catch some old-school goths as well. It's not harsh like a lot of oontz-oontz style EBM, it takes slightly softer beats and pairs them stunningly with sorrowful vocals.

Nightchild simply are not comparable to any other DarkWave, or EBM band out there today, or from the past. It's a very beautiful listening experience. I found myself not able to sit still while listening to "Dreammaster," and had to get up and dance around the room.

I was afraid this would be yet another monotonous droning vocals with recycled guitar riffs, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The other two tracks I recieved with "Dreammaster", "We Are Freaks", and the "Dreammaster (EGOamp Remix)" further impressed me.

Now, I haven't heard any other songs by Nightchild, but just from those two songs (I'm not counting the remix) I would describe Nightchild's sound as swirling vocals mixed with pleasant guitars, and dark bouncing beats. I definitely will be looking for more from this band in the future.

Link to the band's BandCamp page to listen to Dreammaster by Nightchild:

--Gorgeous Nightmare