No Turning Back - Take Control


Lately it seems my musical tastes have been changing. Almost to the extreme of changing on a daily basis. Sunday: bands like The Smiths, Elliot Smith or City and Colour. Monday: bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Converge or The Faceless. Thursday: Heartsounds, Operation Ivy, Big D and The Kids Table. You get the idea. On this day all I have been listening to is hardcore bands. At the forefront of my day has been the band No Turning Back and their album Take Control. This is one of the best hardcore albums I have hear in quite sometime.

Take Control sets things off with the instantly in your face track, “In Your Maze”. This is a song about the heartbreak you feel when someone you think you have known for a long time changes on you in the blink of an eye. Instead of being sad about the situation, No Turning Back goes the opposite and get fucking pissed! This is defiantly something I an relate to and a song that I probably something similar to what I would of written myself. 
“There you go walking by, turn your hair 
I just sigh
Purity in your eyes, messing up my lines
I still can’t believe how it turned out to be
All the changes lost so relentlessly
In retrospect I must regret
Losing the Life I could have had
Recollections of better days
When you trapped me in your maze
In your maze
To those who know what it’s like 
When feelings can’t be denied
And when you’re trying to hide
Get betrayed by your pride”

My favorite and third track on the album is the song “Remain”. A brutally intense song about selling out.
 “Here I go again losing everything
Fucked up game called life let the hate begin
What I had, what I stole, feeling left nothing out all alone
Time to realize, bitter fucking end
Bitter end
The faces change
But it’s still the same
Forget your name
Who I am
I am
You see
Is what you see
Troubled soul insanity
See you standing there, bow your head in shame
Did it all for the money, for your name
Nothing changes, give in to destiny
Instead of crying on your knees
On your knees”

Another great track is the extremely positive, “Take The World”. One of my favorite things about the hardcore scene is positive hardcore songs. It goes to show you it’s not all about “hey fuck you!”, it’s also about coming together and being positive. 
“Destiny a state of mind
Check yourself, are you all right?
Destiny a state of mind
Check yourself, are you all right
Is this who you want to be
Do you think you’re really free
In times of trouble and distress
Head up high, don’t settle for less
Follow the path that you have chosen
Tell yourself you can’t be broken
Gotta do what you gotta do
Believe in yourself
Make it through
Take control
Take a stand
Take the world
In your hand”

No Turning Back is set up to be one of the leaders in the ever changing hardcore scene. Gang vocals, positive and harsh lyrical content make them stand out. If you’re a fan of hardcore pick up this album.

No Turning Back goes good with: End Times, Power Trip, Death Before Dishonor, Cruel Hand, Hoods, Guns Up, Grave Maker, Madball