Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Uglysuit- Awwww, Shucks

Two Shots of Sunshine

When I find a band that I fall in love with it is usually their debut release and I have to wait another year or more before I get new tunes from them. So, imagine my delight when I am given The Uglysuit. Six friends making delightful music, been together since '06, their debut album came out in 08' another release this year... Then a bombshell drops...

They are splitting up! I wanted to keep listening to their music, get excited about their next release, harass my neighbours with their tunes blaring loudly but no...

Although, they have left a consolation gift.

Awwww Shucks was released June 14th and is a fabulous way for them to sign off. Their funky psychedelic sounds are sure to please even the most fussy listener.

“On We Go” opens things up with groovy funky beats that bring you into their way of playing, if you don't dig psychedelic music, you will after this song. It starts by sounding sort of like how you would expect any pop song to- clever, fun, rhythmic, fresh notes, then it transforms into something more synthetic and adjusted and the sounds work.

“The Free World” is next and The Uglysuit doesn't ease you in this time, be ready for the good times!

“1902, Deep Ocean” starts with the sweetest finger picking on a guitar I have ever heard. It is a fresher, cleaner song making a beautiful change. It should be noticed at this point, that the vocals on Awwww, Shucks are immaculate.
“When I caught caught a glimpse in my eyes
I noticed everything that is beside me
Also is around me”

“The Colour All Around” continues with “1902, Deep Ocean”'s freshness, but is a little heavier, preparing you for...

“Oh The Tides” with a fast pace, heavy psychedelia, and rock into the mix it is a surprise and a half. A brilliant surprise and a fabulous song. Opening with a synthetic keyboard, moving onto a heavier, fuller body, then slowing off again it is brilliance.

“Pen and Self,” and “The Part of a Corner” take you back to the earlier sounds on the album and slow things back up as you put your feet up and relax.

Tying things off is “Two Shots Of Sunshine” with clicking, clapping, harmonica, tambourines, it is fun and funky, one of my favourites of the album. I couldn't think of a better song to tie off their final gift to the music world.

The Uglysuit sounds oddly familiar but I can't quite put my finger on who they sound like. What makes this feeling worse is, they are unlike anything I have heard too. The familiarity and new shiny feeling of Awwww, Shucks is surprising and slightly frustrating. I really did love this album because of its individual, fun, heavy, light, crazy, deep, beautiful music. It is a shame that The Uglysuit won't be making more of this, but their final “Hoorah!” is not to be missed. Long live good music!


Buy here: Awwww, Schucks

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