T H E S L O W D O W N - Sex

It is a magical moment a child being born into this world, taking its first gasp of air, its first steps and amazing everyone around it. How everyone dotes on it, encourages it and sets up the dreams and expectations that it will have to meet up to for the rest of its life... It is even more amazing when you are around to witness it.

I am, of course, talking about a musical baby. Not an actual one... The birth and first phase I have had the honour of witnessing, is of course that of T H E S L O W D O W N.

Sex is their second musical release and an awesome one at that. These guys are wrapping their followers around their little fingers and for good reason. The vocals here are spot on, not a single fault can be found. The music they play is complex, catchy, electronic, pop-rock, fabulous.

It's not just the music that is catching people's ears, it's the lyrics too. Pumping out catchy things is sure to get you a following, and hell, their stuff makes you sing loudly whilst making your toast in the morning.

“There's only minutes before I drop you off
And all we seem to do is talk about sex
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway

I love your friend when I saw his film
He's got a funny face but I like that because he still looks cool
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway

Now we are on the bed in my room
And I'm about to fill his shoes
But you say no, you say no”

It is terribly sad that it has taken me this long to realize what Ripple is doing. I mean, I understood that what we are up to is getting the artists little voice and giving them a mic to scream over but the impact might just be bigger than I originally thought...

- Koala