Charlie Simpson- Down Down Down EP

“Girl I have seen your dreams
and they were filled with darkness
but your eyes turn wide in the bright light
I know there is torment in your heart
Ooooh, and its swimming around your body like shark
Can you not see me anymore?
Are you just hot air beneath the floor?
Because I cant feel empty anymore...?” (“Sundown”)

I could continue quoting Charlie Simpson's brilliant lyrics but I feel that may be never ending.

Racer sent me the link to his “Don't I Hold You” download (which you will locate below) and I have collected his EP after falling in love with the music that this talented man makes.

All of his music is instantly identifiable by the sweet sounds, followed by the lyrics that would make any love sick teenage boys facebook status seem cold and cruel.

“Don't I hold you like you want to be held?
Don't treat you like want?
Don't I love you like you want to be loved
When your running away...” (Don't I Hold You)

“I get dressed up in my winter clothes,
And step outside to look at the roses
But they are all covered in the morning snow
Just open your heart
And the world will carry you home tonight” (Thorns)

“And the nights are so long without
And the days speed up, my god I will never let go of you
Cause some things are not worth changing” (Down Down Down)

Such a teaming can sometimes result in the artist sounding a little pathetic, but it works for Charlie Simpson and it sounds beautiful. The music work is simple but played perfectly and is clean, the vocals are sharp, in tune and a joy to listen to.

-- Koala

DOWNLOAD “Don't I Hold You”  HERE