Blackwolfgoat - Dronolith

Screw your assumed preamble: is track one, "Building buildings," a reference to seminal German industrial band, Einstürzende Neubauten, whose name roughly translates to "collapsing new buildings?" The track, with its spiraling, elaborating, layering on layers instrumental riffs, could be a lost track of theirs....

Track two, "Ruane" shows up as very similar to something Selaah might write, a single guitar riff (generally acoustic) that gets progressively more complicated and layered over with secondary and tertiary riffs and/or melodies....

It's ridiculously soothing, late at night. It might otherwise be more than you're ready to hear, and/or be patient enough for.

"Tyche" sounds like either a lost Sunn O))) track or the intro to Pelican's "The Creeper" (both written by Greg Anderson), and "Fear of Stars" intro with solo bass guitar followed closely by the same acoustics we've come to love/like... "Event Radius" opens with feedback and never really evolves beyond a mildly-interesting soundscape (though in terms of "aggressive ambient" music, i.e., what you can listen to when you're falling asleep yet also mildly pissed-off, it totally works), and final track "Dronolith" is about 10 minutes too long (it's nearly 16).

It's good, it's not great. It's nothing you haven't heard before, but it's worth hearing.