Saturday, May 21, 2011

Matt Lowell- Swan Lake EP

In music, there are the good artists who are creative and make great music that people can really enjoy.

Then there are the brilliant artists who are amazing, talented and people fall in love with. Matt Lowell is brilliant. (Apologies for the propaganda I am about to spew at you)

Swan Lake is a well formed EP by Matt Lowell a New York based artist and he is apparently quite well known. Graduating from Berklee College of Music, releasing other EP's, touring, performing- he has really gotten around.

“Swan Lake” opens this brilliant EP with beautiful vocals and guitar. His voice is smooth and perfectly in tune and just really really good to listen to not to mention how sensational he is on guitar.
“Will you go now?
Will you hunt me down?”

 “Turret and Castanets” is faster paced and more rock than the opening song. It starts with electric guitar and drums but has a string accompaniment further into the song that is clever and accentuates  and compliments what he is already doing.

“South Bend” goes back to the acoustic sounds to flatter the sad lyrics of this song-
“You know you will stay here till the end
See me off, see me off past the south bend”

The pace picks up again with “S.O.S Angeles” with great catchy lyrics and the high standard of music Matt Lowell just seems to pump out...
“I'm doomed if I do,
Damned if I don't”

“Sage and Manzanita” is slower in pace and has delightful and clean music which accompanies the sad, slow lyrics-
“This may be too tough to handle
This may be too tough to take
This may be my own hearts mistake
But I am bound to break”

“Youth and Innocence” has more raw acoustic guitar and ties off Swan Lake beautifully.

I really think this is an awesome, awesome EP. Smooth, uplifting, calming (Takes on from stabbing a page out of sheer frustration to nailing the drawing, all in 22 minutes) all over amazing.

- Koala

Buy here: Swan Lake


Baldrel said...

Turrets and Castanets is a brilliant song. You haven't appraised it enough. Good review.

Penfold said...

Smooth and uplifting indeed. And I have to say that while Turrets and Castanets is good, S.O.S Angeles is definitely my pick of the litter.

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