Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Bombaim - Saturdays and Space Travels

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a band from Portugal before checking out the new one from Black Bombaim. If there’s more shit like this going on there I may have a new vacation destination. These guys give Tia Carrera a run for their money in the mega-tripped out Jimidelic jam department. Equal parts Band Of Gypsys and Experience, Black Bombaim have an outstanding rhythmic groove that prevents the session from getting stale.

There are only 2 songs on the LP – “Side A” and “Side B,” both about 20 minutes long and recorded totally live. “Side A” starts off with some hellish feedback before settling into an almost Cactus-like boogie then morphs into a “Dirt” Stooges groove. “Side B” is faster and crazier. They must have re-upped during a break and decided to really let loose.

For a 3-piece they have a very full sound. “Acid Guitar Dropper” Ricardo’s tortured Strat howls and shrieks in the best way possible. “Bass Driver” Tojo and “Drum Smasher” Senra protect the beat but are fluid enough to maintain an ever expanding hydroponic groove. Chances are these guys have smoked a lot of dope and listened to Fela more than once.

There are only 300 copies of this LP, so track one down pronto. You can listen to the whole thing on their myspace page, but it’s totally lame listening to this kind of music through a computer. Shell out some bucks and do it up the right way.


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