Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ripple Patch Arrives!

Waveriders Beware! 

Appearing unexpectedly, shockingly, in mail boxes around the world, The Ripple Patch arrives!   At first, jettisoned to the rapturous applause of dedicated Ripple fans, there are plenty of patches available for waveriders left and right.

Under the Grand Designs of Pope and Racer, those who wish to enter the revered brotherhood of the patch are required to perform this simple rite of initiation.  When your patch arrives, take a photo of the patch in any situation you desire; wearing it, not wearing it, feeding it, driving with it, jumping on the space shuttle . . . whatever moves  you.  Let your creativity flow and send us a picture.  All pictures will be posted here on The Ripple Effect, Grooves and Ripples, and later on the official Ripple site,

For our first photo, we can see the devastating effect the Ripple patch had on a simple rehearsal for the band Mighty High.  There's the patch, right there, branded to the amplifier. Last we heard, no one was brave enough to start mouth-to-mouth.

 So be ready, beware.  When the Ripple patch arrives, don't give into the fear.  Enjoy and embrace your selection into the fraternal order of Ripple.

Long may the patch wave!!@!

1 comment:

NorCal MINIs said...

I so want one. I have plans for it - yes, travel plans :)

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