Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ripple Music Named Label of the Month by the Next Big Thing Network

We're pleased, and quite a bit flattered, to announce that Ripple Music was recognized as the "Label of the Month" across the Next Big Thing Network! Along with front page exposure, a number of the bands on the Ripple roster have been featured in review and on the networks podcasts. Not too shabby for a label with such humble beginnings!

Within a year of creating a solid business foundation and working long days and nights to streamline the production and supply of product, label founders John Rancik and Todd Severin have begun to see the fruits of their labors taking shape. On June 22nd, the label released their first album, JPT Scare Band's Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden, and were immediately inundated with orders from across the globe. Shortly after, Kevin Beadles (You Can't Argue With Water) and Fen (Trails Out of Gloom) were released, both receiving glowing reviews and critical-acclaim, and essentially completing the "first wave" of Ripple releases.

While the "first wave" was being managed, a project fell into the laps of label in the form of a split single featuring Stone Axe and Mighty High, which created a flurry of press, positive reviews, and internet banter. This project cemented a working relationship with T. Dallas Reed (Stone Axe/Mos Generator) who has now opened his vault of music to the Ripple Music, including the re-release of the first Stone Axe album on vinyl, as well as deluxe CD. Reed also took part in the labels fifth release, the re-issue of Poobah's 1972 debut LP Let Me In, by re-mastering the original six tracks along with twelve additional tracks that never made the original cut.

This initial success has brought on partnerships with a couple of U.S. and European distributors, namely Netherlands-based Clear Spot International, who is working feverishly to support Ripple Music and the great releases on the labels roster. So far, catalog releases have been sent to Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Austria, and the UK, to name just a few countries.

Now, with Wave 1a nearing completion, Severin and Rancik are concentrating on the second wave of releases, which includes the third full length album from the Americana/Rock trio, Modern Day Moonshine (Refuge), the re-release of Sketches From Silence from the Santa Barbara-based rockers Tripdavon, and the first new release in over forty years from proto-metal overlords, Iron Claw. Tack on other projects such as a new Stone Axe LP, a re-release of the first Mos Generator album with bonus material, a new Poobah album, as well as a number of single and compilation releases, 2011 is going to be a monstrous year for Ripple Music.

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