Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miss Lava - Blues For The Dangerous Miles

I could have sworn Miss Lava was from Sweden. Their high energy rock action reminded me of the Turbonegro, Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, etc right away but it turns out their from Lisbon, Portugal! Almost as impressive as their big rock sound is the offensive artwork and clever CD packaging. The psychedelic vagina might be almost as good as the semi-subliminal one on the Mom’s Apple Pie album cover from 1971.

How’s it sound, you ask? Big, loud, catchy, dumb and fun. Big guitars, bigger drums, throbbing dirty bass and in your face vocals. “Play it loud until her hips shake” is their motto and I bet that’s what they do when they rage the stage. Blues For The Dangerous Miles is a solid 11 song album that should get any party started off on the good foot. “Don’t Tell A Soul” starts it off in righteous fashion with a big riff and heavy foot stomping beat.

Other highlights include the dirty “Black Rainbow.” The bass sound is pure raunch n roll and propels the music forward. Can’t help think that this was inspired by some Dio-era Rainbow and Sabbath, even though it doesn’t really sound like either of those bands. “Birth, Copulation and Death” has a saucy Turbonegro bounce and some racy female backing vocals. The 8 minute album closer “Scorpio” is not a cover of the Dennis Coffey classic, but a no nonsense rocker with a tripped out interlude.

Miss Lava are a solid rock n roll band, nothing more or less. In their native country they’ve shared the stage with everyone from Slash to Meshuggah and I bet they give the headliners a run for their money every time.


buy here:  Blues for the Dangerous Miles

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joaonuno2009 said...

Great review dude, Miss Lava rocks, i'am from portugal and i have that CD. Blues For The Dangerous Miles is a masterpiece


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