Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ripple News - Introducing TheLiveLine: Win a free ESP LTD EX260 Electric Guitar!

And it just got better.

With technology advancing at a rocket's pace, it was only a matter of time before some people smarter than us came up with a whole new way to stay in contact with your favorite bands.

Introducing, TheLiveLine.

TheLiveLine is the leading fan-to-artist interaction via mobile phone.   The website allows your favorite artist or celebrity to create audio blogs, and anyone can call them for FREE.  This itself is cool to be able to hear their actual voice, and interact with fans.  Fans can even leave voice messages, and you never know, the artist may just answer the phone and start talking to you!  Everytime an artist updates their audio blog, a text alert goes out.  Try it for yourself, and give Dan Nelson form Anthrax a call for free: (866) 944-3266

And to make things even cooler, TheLiveLine is starting things off with a cool contest. TheLiveLine and ESP Guitars have teamed up to giveaway an ESP LTD EX260 Electric Guitar to one lucky shredder.

To enter, head over to TheLiveLine and click the “ESP contest” graphic in the top right corner.

About the ESP LTD EX260 Electric Guitar: Featuring EMG-ESP LH300 humbuckers mounted in an agathis body.  A rosewood fingerboard boasts 22 extra jumbo frets and dot inlays.  Topped off by black hardward and a 3-way pickup selector switch. 

TheLiveLine is always looking to expand, and always looking forward to change. Stay tuned, because they have plenty of big stuff planned in the near future...

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