Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Praise Pours in for the Stone Axe/Mighty High split 7" Single

Ok, here's the conundrum.

We got on our hands one of the coolest pieces of split vinyl to come around in ages.  But we're much too shy to write about it ourselves, and we wouldn't want anyone to think we were illegally tooting our own horns on this release.  But we wanna spread the word.

So what we decided to do, was let others tell the story of how killer this split is.  So let's go--

Stone Axe/Mighty High Split 7"

"Impossible not to crack an illegal smile when you hear this.  Stone Axe are one of the best retro-metal acts around.  Kiss might've sounded this good if they'd learned to play their instruments.  There's no one better than Mighty High at making fun of wretched metal excess.  It's priceless."  -- Lucid Culture

"Stone Axe is pure old-school metal played with a power that is sadly rare these days.  Will leave you lusting for more if an ounce of rock and roll spirit throbs in your veins. Mighty High kick off a stoned punk squall that sounds like Queens of the Stone Age playing Rancid Covers.  Both tracks are well worth your time and money and it’s hard to imagine rock fans not wanting to track down at least one of the albums by these fantastic bands. Either way, with two bands of this quality on one release this is something of a must-have."-- Sonic Abuse

"Newcomers Ripple Music managed to get two highly explosive bands onto a 7".   Stone Axe's "Metal Damage" has me thinking of pre-Stained class Judas Priest, the kind of mid-1970's metal where band's took their time and built up the sound with a steady boil of activity. Mighty High's "Don't panic, It's Organic" is even better. The main riff is huge and dripping with 1970's fuzzed out goodness. This is the perfect tune for playing about two minutes after 5:00 on a Friday. Both bands deliver the goods on this album." -- Metal Mark, Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Ripple Music have a gem on their hands. An awesome set of tunes. Stone Axe delivers the goods once again.“Metal Damage” is a throw back to classic Judas Priest from the later 70′s to early 80′s. The best duo around to preserving music from the 70′s. Mighty High really rock with their contribution “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic,”a fast paced, almost punk-like rock song. Get yours today." -- The Soda Shop

Produced in amazingly limited supplies.  The only way to get this is to catch Stone Axe or Mighy High on tour, or get your copy at

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Mighty High said...

Here's my review of the Stone Axe side - "Metal Damage" is the best song that Judas Priest never wrote in 1978. Rumor has it that Les Binks has already contacted the label saying they have no rights to unreleased Priest from that era. And it sounds great on wax! Play it loud, mutha!

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