Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ripple News - Roadburn Festival Highlights Available for On-Demand Listening!

Finally, the volcanic dust has (almost) settled! For everyone no longer fighting short term memory loss and extreme fatigue caused by sleep deprivation and sensory overload, get ready to re-live the highlights of Roadburn Festival 2010!

Now we all know that Roadburn is undoubtedly one of the absolute coolest festivals of the year.  Masters of bringing the best of heavy rock, stoner and doom together under one smoky haze, Roadburn is the highlight of the summer festival season for tons of rock fans.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to get there, whether because of the travel or this year, because of the volcano!

But we got some great news.  For everyone who couldn't make it due to the mighty Eyjafjallajokull eruption, now'is your chance to enjoy the festival without any hassles. And for everyone who could not magically clone ourselves to simultaneously catch all of the action in the Bat Cave, Green Room, Midi Theatre and Main Hall and felt kind of bummed about it, cheer up!

The good folks at Roadburn are pleased to announce that VPRO 3voor12, which is the leading cultural media network in the Netherlands, has posted additional on-demand audio streams for your Roadburn 2010 listening pleasure.

Online now! performances by Comus, Brant Bjork, Earthless, Jex Thoth, Nachmystium, Sons of Otis, Karma To Burn, Astra and more are currently available on-demand at:

Don't miss it.  And plan early to book your tickets to next year's show!

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