Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ripple Music Announces a Killer New Split 7" with Stone Axe and Mighty High - Released as a Tour Single for the Saint Vitus/Stone Axe Tour

We couldn't be more excited about this.  In fact, we're so thrilled, we're giddy.  Like kids in a candyshop.

Ripple Music is proud to announce that last week we sent in the art and fully-mastered tracks for a killer new 7" split vinyl single featuring the masters of retro-70's rock, Stone Axe and stoner cretins Mighty High.  The single should be ready for your consumption mid-June.

Featuring some mindboggling, fold-out, Mighty High inspired artwork, this 7" is sure to leave em stunned.  Stone Axe contributes a monster rock burner, "Metal Damage," featuring Tony Reed's blistering guitar attack and staggering vocals from Dru  Brinkerhoff.  Mirroring 1978-1980-era Judas Priest, this song is everything that Classic Rock Magazine has been raving about when they declared Stone Axe to ". . . conjure a guttural, soulful hard-rock cauldron. "

Mighty High contributes "Don't Panic It's Organic" with a blistering high energy feel that sounds Rose Tattoo in bed with MC5.  Quite possibly the best thing to come from Mighty High yet.

The split will be extremely rare, limited to 500 and each one hand numbered.  Stone Axe will have some for their West Coast Tour this summer with Saint Vitus and Mighty High will be displaying some at their gigs as well.  The rest can only be bought here, at Ripple Music.  Don't miss out.

Go to for more details.

Here's the Saint Vitus/Stone Axe Tour Schedule

6/25 - EL CORAZON - Seattle
6/26 - SATYRICON - Portland
6/27 - DNA LOUNGE - San Francisco
6/28 - ORIGAMI VINYL -Los Angeles(no Vitus)
6/29 - VIPER ROOM - Los Angeles
6/30 - THE CASBAH - San Diego
7/02 - THE ZEPHYR - Reno(no Vitus)
7/03 - THE ALIBI - Arcata(no Vitus)

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