Monday, June 21, 2010

Guitar Legends JPT Scare Band Devastate BP with New Music Video, "Not My Fault"

After a hugely successful, 1 week debut on some of rock's finest websites, JPT Scare Band unleashes their darkly sarcastic attack on BP to the general public and the world.  Reports are that the biting, inflammatory video was picked up by over 40 news outlets and websites, as anger over BP's mishandling of the Louisiana Gulf Crisis bubbles over the boiling point.

Featuring the guitar wizardry of Terry Swopes, often hailed as "the most unheralded guitarist in rock" "Not My Fault" is a classic JPT Scare Band tune, written by drummer Jeff Littrell in the '70's but not recorded until 2004.  The ironic, almost cheery nature of the song plays in direct contrast to the destruction that BP has left in it's wake.

If you like the video, stay tuned to the very end, as the original 911 call BP made to the Louisiana Police demonstrates their epic downplaying of the situation.

And if you enjoy the video, please pass it on to your friends.  Link to it, embed it, twitter it, facebook it.  BP has paid millions of dollars to buy up all the sensitive search terms on the gulf crisis and is spending hundreds of millions of dollars white-washing it's role in the disaster and cleansing it's reputation. 

This is just one small way we can all fight back!

"Not My Fault" appears on the new JPT Scare Band album, Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden released by Ripple Music

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