Everyone Everywhere MP3 Blog Tour - Free Ripple Music for you

Every once in a while something comes along that is just too cool for words.

That's the way we felt here at the Ripple Office when we were asked to be a part of this truly inventive project. Toss in the fact that it gives us another opportunity to get some free (legal) music into the hands of you waveriders, and we were chomping at the bit.

Beginning today, April 19th, and spanning through May 4th, 10 Independent Music Blogs will be giving away each and every song from the upcoming Self-Titled 12" LP from Philadelphia's Everyone Everywhere.

Aptly dubbed the "Everyone Everywhere MP3 Blog Tour," the concept is simple: Nine amazing blogs (and us, making 10 in total) will be giving away ten amazing songs over the course of the next two weeks.  Each blog gives away a different track from the album.  A different blog, a different song, each day.

We've been asked to kick this whole sheebang off, so today we're presenting to you a free download of the album opener, "Tiny Planet." On first listen, we were instantly drawn to this track, with it's spacey opening guitar and heavy rolling bassline. Bring in some chiming and some crunch and we got some sort of space/emo hybrid with some serious pop smarts, soaring melodies and intricate, layered guitarwork.

The folks at Tiny Engines have lined up some stellar blogs to participate, and each site will be giving away a different song from the record on consecutive days - save for the weekends - until its official release date, May 4th.  For the second track on the album, "Raw Bar OBX 2002" check out Can You See The Sunset? on Tuesday (04/20)

For a detailed schedule of tracks and participants, see below.  Check em all out, we found some new cool stuff there.

For those who simply can't wait to download the album (or simply would like to support the band and label) it's currently available from iTunes and other digital retailers. And  you can Pre-Order the 12" LP in all its vinyl awesomeness from Tiny Engines.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start the tour!

Here's our free song:

And here's the layout for the rest.  Follow the tour each day.  Get the whole album.  Enjoy!

Side A

01. Tiny Planet @ The Ripple Effect - Monday (04/19)
02. Raw Bar OBX 2002 @ Can You See The Sunset? - Tuesday (04/20)
03. From The Beginning To The Tail @ Built On A Weak Spot - Wednesday (04/21)
04. Tiny Town @ Dryvetyme Onlyne - Thursday (04/22)
05. Tiny Boat @ Battle Of The Midwestern Housewives - Friday (04/23)

Side B

06. Music Work Paper Work @ Deckfight - Monday (04/26)
07. Blown Up Grown Up @ The Album Project - Tuesday (04/27)
08. Fld Ovr @ Familiarize Yourself - Wednesday (04/28)
09. I Feel Fine by Everyone Everywhere @ Reviewsic - Thursday (04/29)
10. Obama House, Fukui Prefecture @ Clicky Clicky Music - Friday (04/30)