Valentine's Day Gift of Unconditional Love Courtesey of Neil Nathan

Happy Valentine's Day, waveriders.  To bring in the day of love and smooshy feelings, we wanted to share with new the newest video by Ripple favorite, Neil Nathan.

Neil's goal with this project was to make the ultimate interactive Hallmark card for the ultimate Hallmark holiday, so he asked his friends and fans to send their best unconditional love photos and they really delivered!  Some of the photos, are cute, some are special, and some may just take your breath away.

We're really excited about this it as it's a very touching display of the love that resides in each of us.  And in this day and age of killing, war, and hatred, can't we all use just a little bit more love?  Sappy, we know.  Not the hardest rock and roll sentiment, but damn if it isn't true. 

The video edited by Vaj Potenza ("My Brightest Diamond Freak Out Gold Chains Remix") who also directed Neil's "Darling Friend" video.  It's for my song "You're Mine," off Neil's latest EP, The Nearest Future. That EP also includes the song "Glide," which was featured in the disturbing Rosario Dawson flick "Descent."

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We're posting this video today to share the love, literally!