Ripple News - The Rawk Shop Offers All Waveriders a Special Deal - 10% off all Band T-shirts as a Loving Valentine's Day Gift

 Last year, for Valentine's Day, here at the Ripple we gave away free copies of the latest CD by Brooklyn's #1 Regressive Rock Act, Mighty High.  This year, we have another special for all you waveriders, this time offered as a Ripple exclusive from the fine folks at The Rawk Shop.

At Rawkshop Industries, they operate 10 established brands of classic rock band t-shirt companies and they're offering all waveriders a limited time offer 10% off all of our merchandise. The coupon is themed for the month of February and the “love of music.”   On top of that, all shipping is free!

To get the discount, at the time of check out simply type in the word "coupon" in the code box.  How simple is that?

And we're not just talking about any random indy band that these cats handle. Let's take a look at what these cats have to offer and the great bands they handle.