Ripple News - New Falling Down Compilation Nears Completion

You like good music?

Of course you do, you're a waverider after all.  So, if you're always on the hunt for new, good and fresh tunes, you may want to check this out.

Coming from France, a new installment in the Falling Down Compilation Series is coming, and if it's anything like the first one, you will want to sit up and take notice.  The first volume, released last year on 3CD, featured bands like Kylesa, Knut, Amenra, Year of No Light, Dirge, Cortez, who participated with unreleased tracks. Other bands in the scene "post-metal" also participated (Pelican, Callisto, Overmars, Rosetta)

Now, coming in March 2010, a new volume will hit the stands.  This will be a 2CD compilation with unreleased songs from White Hills, Ufomammut, Gnaw Their Tongues, The Ocean, Across Tundras, Jucifer, Omega Massif, Farflung, The Poisoned Glass and more!

You can learn more at the compilations Myspace page (


ACROSS TUNDRAS - Final Breath Over Venom Falls (Unpublished version)
ICOS [now MONACHUS] - Februari (Unpublished)
WHITE HILLS - Heads on Fire (Unpublished)
OCOAI - La Main Electrique (Unpublished)
FARFLUNG - R-Complex (Unpublished)
IMPURE WILHELMINA - Cold Fever (Unpublished)
TIME TO BURN - Elena Djinn (Unpublished)
GNAW THEIR TONGUES - We Breath Hate and Spit Fire from our Mouths (Unpublished)
THE POISONED GLASS - Silent Vigil (Unpublished)
[with Stuart Dahlquist (Asva, Sunn O))), Burning Witch) & Edgy59 (Burning Witch)]
KALVRIA - .N (Unpublished)
U.S.CHRISTMAS - Lazarus (Live)
KINGDOM - Ruina.Where men go to die (Unpublished)
KALKH-IN(JOY) ERODE - Xwck (Unpublished)

.CD 2 

KONGH - Thunders Collide (Unpublished, 2006)
TESA - Untitled (Unpublished)
OMEGA MASSIF – Am Abgrund (Unpublished)
KODIAK – By the Sea (Unpublished)
WHEN ICARUS FALLS - Nyx (Unpublished)
THE OCEAN - Asslickers Incorporated (Unpublished)
JUCIFER - Marianas (Unpublished)
UFOMAMMUT - Astrodronaut (Unpublished version)
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - Shining Trough
??????? - Mirage (Unpublished)
TAINT - Black Rain (Live)
MUMAKIL – Dawn of Slugs (Unpublished)