Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight - Movin On

Movin OnIf Dusted Angel is the best band name I’ve heard in awhile, then Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight is probably the worst. It sounds like the type of band made up of 50 year old dudes that play Donovan covers at the local sports bar. Luckily, TW&TCCOTK don’t sound anything like that. They categorize their music as “rock, stoner, doom, sludge, blues” and that’s a fairly accurate description. The negative doom metal of Electric Wizard is an obvious influence as well as stoner power boogie of Clutch.

Movin On is the debut full length from this British power trio following up on their Lowering The Tone EP from last year. The album was recorded at Chuckalumba Studios in Dorset, the home town of Electric Wizard and Robert Fripp. For a self produced and released album, the final product is impressive. The guitars are heavy and doomy, the bass is nice and upfront and the drums thud just the right way. The vocals are clearly Ozzy inspired and are reminiscent of Sheavy at times.

Of the ten songs blasted out in 52 minutes, the title track is a real stand out. It’s got a nice heavy blues riff and a big double time jam at the end that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Sea Shanty” is a speedy Clutch influenced swinger. “Not What You Know” is another fast one with a Black Sabbath Volume 4 groove. Slower songs like “Southern” and “Echoes” (not the Pink Floyd song) have an overt classic rock feel. Overall this record has a nice variety of material and doesn’t get stuck in a rut. Just when your ears are getting tired from over the top pummeling, they’ll offer something like “The Water” that moves at a slower pace and includes some nice whistling.

Movin On will appeal to just about anyone who likes the heavier side of rock. And since they went through all the time and expense to put this out themselves, don’t you think you owe it to them to give it a chance? Just because the band name is fairly ridiculous don’t hold it against The Wicked.


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Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight - Movin On


Mike said…
Great cd!!! It's available for free download till the end of January!