Ripple News - (Pretty) Girls and Lasers Tears up NYC

With all the metal, prog, punk, and experimental sounds we rave about here at the Ripple, you wouldn't be faulted for thinking that us Ripplers have an aversion to dance music. As our post of Ze's latest trash/punk/diva single proved, that just ain't the case. We love to get up, shake off the dust and boogie with the best of em. What we do have an aversion to is crap dance music.

All of which brings us to (Pretty) Girls and Lasers, a duo of talented remixers who've been working to spread the electro-indie sound to more of the clubs in NYC, providing an alternative to the hard house and progressive trance that dominates the club scene. For the most part, They’ve been spreading their music through loft parties and small gigs, but they just landed a once-a-month residency at Arlo & Esme in the East Village.

Their first night is tomorrow, Wednesday, October 7th, and don't forget they're there every month now, tossing the dancefloor into a salad of their own creation.

Check out their mixes, available for free download at

I'm partial to the hour-long mixes, but don't pass up the 10 minute bites also. They're all a refreshing move away from the unrelenting drone of trance nonsense, bringing dance back towards melody and creativity.

The mix downloads are free. What have you got to lose? And if you dig em, check the boys out, live at Arlo & Esme. It's tomorrow, waveriders!