Ripple News- A Free CD Giveaway

We'd threatened we were going to do it, and just like an upcoming Presidential election, we always deliver what we promise. Wait, I mean unlike a Presidential election . . oh never mind.

But since it's Halloween, we thought we'd give you your own little treat. You don't even have to do a trick to get it.

Here's the story. Once a month, we pick a name randomly from our ever-growing list of waveriders and toss a free Ripple CD your way. Love it, hate it. Do whatever you want with it. It's free!

And the winner this month of a free Cd, soon to be charging towards your postal box is . . .


Yea! Yea! There is much applause.

We notice that you seem to like '80's-styled rock, so we hand selected the dynamite new Grand Atlantic CD, How We Survive for ya. Hope you like it. Send us a comment under your name, so I know it's you, and then follow that up with an email to me with where you want the disc mailed and we'll get right on it.

The rest of you waveriders, hang tight, another free giveaway will happen next month. For the rest of you, just drooling at the thought of Ripple Music heading your way for the all inclusive price of zero, simply sign up to become a follower of the Ripple Effect and you'll get your chance to win.

--Your merry band of Ripple Lunatics