Ripple News - Black Bone Child Lights up Ripple Radio

Trust us, waveriders, this is something you don't want to miss.

Hot on the heels of their devastating destruction of their midwestern tour, Black Bone Child, one of the hottest new bands in the land, invades Ripple Radio for a two hour fest of live acoustic music, tracks off their debut album, tales of glittering mermen, and ungodly pipe organ torture.

Having just witnessed the guys shatter the windows out of The Saxon Pub, we couldn't have been more blown away. These guys are amazing. We're pumped to have them joining us, and to have them unplug and play for us live . . . . we're just speechless.

Check out the show, this Wed, 10/14. 8pm Pacific time. Hit that funny looking Blogtalkradio button to the right, turn down the lights, and tune in for a little music history in the making.

Podcast will be available after the show in case you missed it.

Black Bone Child on the Ripple. Damn, life is good!