Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ripple News - Free Ripple CD Giveaways!

Yep, we promised it would it happen and here it is!

Today is our first ever (monthly?) Ripple CD giveaway. What we do is randomly pull the number of one of our many blog followers out of a hat, and boom. . . . just like that you've won a free copy of a CD that we've recently reviewed here at the Ripple. Now each CD we giveaway is officially certified by the band to be used as a giveaway, we're not just handing out our review copies. This is all done to spread the word on the all the great music we keep on hearing here at the Ripple.

And the first CD to be won by our waveriders is . . . Five A.M.'s stunning debut Raise the Sun. Guaranteed to please fans of Matchbox Twenty and other melodic pop rock.

This one goes to waverider Barbara. Expect it in the mail soon!

And for the rest of you, simply register as a follower of The Ripple Effect, learn about the best music you're not listening to, and you too may find a brand new CD waiting for you in your box.

Enjoy Waveriders!

1 comment:

Anonymous Mom said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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