Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ripple News- Hypno5e New Project - A Backward Glance on A Travel Road

On return from its first American northern round, HYPNO5E reconsiders the front of the scene with its side project acoustic, A BACKWARD GLANCE ON A TRAVEL ROAD.

“True testimony of the melody range of a group more accustomed to transforming a scene into a chaotic place, A BACKWARD GLANCE ON A TRAVEL ROAD operates like an introspective voyage to deepest of the hearts. ” - Guillaume M, Eurock√©ennes of Belfort.

Confrontation enters the crystalline violence of guitars, the heaviness of rhythmic, the murmured despair of the songs and the coldness of the samples, A BACKWARD GLANCE ON A TRAVEL ROAD proposes a new immersion in the surrealist and cinematographic universe suitable for HYPNO5E.

On the boards, the formation of origin (Emmanuel JESSUA and Thibault LAMY) grows rich by a large range of acoustic instruments as well as electronic: guitars, violoncello, percussion, and more.

Always concerned about the whole dimension of a work, the group will offer a total spectacle whose core is the diffusion of an original video work, illustration of the universe created by A BACKWARD GLANCE ON A TRAVEL ROAD.

The release of the disc is scheduled for September 2009 and will be followed with a European tour over the same period. Stay tuned...

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