Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ripple News - Biclops new and old CD's to be Released

Gotta be honest with you, waveriders. When I first saw this release I just new that the Pope was going to freak. In case you missed it, Pope reviewed the latest CD from the latest incarnation of these bands and he freaked. Read it for yourself, but rest assured knowing that it jumped right on up to the top of The Pope's Best of 2008 list.

So I present this tidbit of news to you with profound joy, and a small drool bucket for my gape-mouthed partner.

Biclops (ex and current Postman Syndrome / East Of The Wall / Day Without Dawn) will be entering the studio on March 15th to record their debut full-length for a to-be-determined label. Recording and mixing will be handled at The Machine Shop (Clutch, King Crimson, Lamb Of God) by producer Will Putney.

In addition, two releases from the bands' previous incarnation, The Postman Syndrome, are planned for the coming year as well. The first will be the long awaited release of The Postman Syndrome's demos for an unreleased record that was scrapped when the band's former label, Now Or Never Records, folded in 2004. These demos will finally come to light this summer.

Finally, original Postman Syndrome members Mike Somers (East Of The Wall), Matt Lupo (East Of The Wall), Chris Alfano (Biclops), and Brett Bamberger (Biclops / East Of The Wall) will join forces with Kevin Conway (Biclops / East Of The Wall) to compose new Postman Syndrome material. The writing sessions will begin this May following completion of the Biclops record, and the current plan is to release two or three new songs on a split or an EP in late 2009 or early 2010.

Biclops will be on tour for various short runs in January - May 2009, with several shows booked now:
1/10/2009 House Show - Pennington, NJ w/East Of The Wall, All Parallels, A Fucking Elephant, So Is The Tongue
1/17/2009 The Stomping Grounds - Lancaster, PA w/ Tombs, Monolith, Pandas, Qwirk
1/22/2009 Cousin Larry’s - Danbury, CT w/ Hive Smasher

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Anonymous said...

It's almost scary at how productive these guys are, especially because the results never feel rushed.

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