Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Heavy Young Heathens Join Ripple Radio - Jan 14th

Set your alarm clocks, program your reminders and tie a ribbon around your finger. The fine brothers Mardo, formerly of the excellent, kick-in-the-balls rocking band, Mardo, will be joining Racer and The Pope on Ripple Radio to discuss their new band, Heavy Young Heathens.

Tune in at (just click on that little button over to your right). Join us live in the chatroom, ask questions to the band, listen to music (theirs and others) and just in general be a part of the scene.

Showtime Wednesday, Jan 14th, 8 pm Ripple Time (pacific time to you east coast people). If you miss the show, be sure to download the free podcast. Same Ripple channel.

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