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Remember a time when men behaved like lads, and girls actually liked it? When Tony Blair smelt like a breath of fresh air and a mediocre England team could still make it to tournament finals. When Blur and Oasis were top billing on the news as well as the charts and the people who listened to Take That were still too young to know any better? When “new rave” meant “indoors” and ecstasy still worked? When political incorrectness scored kudos points, and attitude conquered all? Remember when stage school graduates eschewed guitar lessons in favour of auditions for CBBC, when talent show winners went on to work at Butlins and the name Simon Cowell meant nothing to you?

Remember when it was cool to be English, when England rocked and this nation swaggered to a sound born of it's own identity? Anyone got a nineties hangover? Well here's the cure.

White Sunday make pure, unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll throat grabbers with a size and majesty that make Buckingham Palace look like your little sisters wendy house. Real, honest to goodness songs that'll take you back to when music had soul. Their mod-rock leanings coupled with lead singer Jimmy Glanville's Gallagher-esque vocals will inevitably invite comparisons to Burnage's finest but to get close to the sound White Sunday are touting, you'll need to travel to nineties Madchester via the Small Faces and The Kinks with a brief stopover for a beer with Roger Daltry.

Having played your very first gig as support to Kasabian is an impressive boast for any band and with debut single '90's Hangover' not due for release till May, it's White Sunday's rousingly gutsy live performances (last years Guilfest and Reading festivals among them) that are steadily earning the Reading outfit a die-hard fan base and garnering high profile backing from lofty names like Xfm's Clint Boon and Radio 1's Edith Bowman who has chosen the single as the soundtrack to her new website http://www.edithbowman.com/.

There’s an album on the way entitled ‘Why Do I Still Do This Everyday?’ The Zen has had a sneak preview and boy, is it good?! Big things await for these lads in 2008. Go see them on their May tour, trust me, if you got soul in your mould, you will go wild! Check their MySpace for details.

White Sunday - Up To The Sun
White Sunday - B is Beautiful

Here's 'Road To Nowhere' live at the Half Moon, Putney.

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