Tuesday's Zen - The Screenings

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Do yourself a favour. Open your wardrobe or closet door, root around in the back amongst the old shoes and those specialist magazines you keep meaning to throw out and pull out that old air guitar and drum kit you’ve been hiding since you realised The Darkness were shit. Dust that baby down, you’re gonna need your invisible axe looking its shiniest and your unseen skins tightened perfectly. There’s a show to put on.

If The Screenings guttural riffs, pounding drums and growling bass lines don’t loosen your strumming and drumming elbow, there’s probably a need to see a physician of some kind. Let the songs under your skin and before long you’ll need to add an invisible mike stand to your one man show so you can mime the infectious hooks with a over hammed look of emotional pain on your face. You’re on stage at Wembley in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans and your wardrobe mirror never saw a better show!

The Screening have some seriously good tunes. Gritty, all-consuming rock songs you’re gonna find it hard to stand still to. Already massive in their hometown of Leicester they appear to be gaining a sizeable reputation in the States. [Their song ‘Fall to Pieces’ is the soundtrack to a trailer for the new Jean Claude Van Damme film] Make no mistake about it, this four-piece is selling a sound you’re not going to be able to avoid in a few months time.

Last summers eponymous debut EP screams from your speakers and demands your attention in a way that is becoming less and less common in a U.K. indie scene currently fixated on bands with a GSOH and jingly middle class scenesters. What’s more, freshly released Jet-like debut single '10 Green Bottles’ is a brooding rock n roll monster that’s got the potential to be this years ‘Take Me Out’ . Mark my words, The Screening are going to be massive.

With a number of different Myspace pages and various tracks for you to stream, there’s no excuse for ignoring this band any longer. For downloads you can try out the anthemic EP tracks ‘Go’ and ‘You Got Me’ for FREE from Last.fm or purchase the full EP and ’10 Green Bottles’ from iTunes. Or you can get your live fix in major cities across the country, check their MySpace for details. If video action is more your thing, check out the playlists on Winston’s YouTube channel. See? No excuses. Get listening.

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