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I came across The Boxer Rebellion when they asked me to add them on MySpace a couple of weeks ago (you can find my space here, by the way). Now normally I'd ignore the invite and kid myself into believing I'll come back and check the band out later, but for some reason I was drawn to The Boxer Rebellion's unusual moniker and I delved right on in. And I'm pleased I did.

What I found was a MySpace player flooded with six likeable and charismatic tracks, among them the gorgeous, almost epic We Have This Place Surrounded and the head noddingly addictive Watermelon. Seemingly named after turn-of-the-century Chinese dissidents, The Boxer Rebellion are four lads from London pushing the kind of bass heavy, melancholic rock you may more readily associate with the likes of The Verve and Radiohead. And it really is quite good.

Check out the afore mentioned Watermelon and see for your self. Click play below;

The Boxer Rebellion - Watermelon

After a track or so I was beginning to think that I'd found an NBT (a Next Big Thing, for the uninitiated) and a glance at their friends tally, showing a relatively paltry 7,000 odd did noting to temper my excitement. But then I noticed their biog......

Formed in 2001, an appearance on Glastonbury's new bands stage in 2003, an apparently acclaimed album, Exits in 2005 on Alan McGee's Poptones and the finishing touches being put to a follow up?! How have I missed these guys? I'm sorry, I am thoroughly embarrassed. My head hangs as low as confortable.

Don't make the same mistake as me, go check out The Boxer Rebellion now, it's not too late to become a fan, and if the track above isn't enough to encourage you, then how about two FREE DOWNLOADS? Run over to The Boxer's MySpace to get a copy of Broken Glass and JFKFC, presumably two tracks from the new album to be released in 2008. Winston's Zen is looking forward to it.

Back Soon,

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The Boxer Rebellion - Broken Glass