It's a Jolly Ripple Christmas - Bigelf giveaway and Marky Ramone on Ripple Radio

In the spirit of giving and giving, we have another fun giveaway for all you waveriders out there. And what better disc to hand off to your happy little hands right before Christmas, than one from a big elf? That's right, we have two copies left of the massively maniacal Bigelf platter, Cheat the Gallows. And to make it even better, one is signed by each member of the band!

Now if you haven't heard this slab of insanity, you've been doing your ears a grave disservice. This is one freaked-out burst of prog/psychedelic/retro-seventies madness. Check out the Ripple review to get a taste of what it's about, but don't hesitate and miss out on your chance for this bad boy. To win the disc, simply tune into the Ripple Radio Show, 12/29 at 8pm Pacific time. To get there just hit that funny little blogtalk button over there to the right. During the show, we'll be giving away these delicious Bigelf platters and give you the opportunity to call-in, write in or join us in the chat room and claim yours.

As a special bonus, our guest that night is the one and only Marky Ramone so you'll be in for a treat even if you don't win.

Don't miss out. You don't want to piss off an elf just before Christmas!