It's a Jolly Ripple Christmas and Rock and Roll Hannukah

Since tomorrow is Christmas and today is the middle of Hannukah, we got a few more Ripple goodies for you.

This first one blew me away. Check out this killer jew punk blast of a Hannuhak song that features none other than famous ex-Television guitarist and living legend, Richard Lloyd. This is quite positively the best Hannukah song I've ever heard!

Now, be sure to tune back here tomorrow, as we've got a special Ripple Christmas free album giveaway for you (for everybody!)

And since tomorrow is Christmas, I thought we'd drop in our vote for best ever original rock/christmas tune by a bunch of former seventies glam-rockers. It's certainly Mrs. Racer's favorite, and that's saying something. That's right folks, Slade and Christmas Everybody.