Thursday, February 28, 2008

Waveriders Write!

"The Ripple Effect is possibly the best review blog on the interweb."

"Great stuff! Your sincerity is much appreciated in this day and age of disposable music... and writing. Keep it up." --Kick-Ass Magazine

*The Ripple Effect is by far, one of the most honest and outstanding music sites online today.
--Pickled Sun Music

*You're awesome thanks for everything that you do for bands, it seems like such a rare thing these days!

*Seems The Ripple Effect is quickly turning into a monster and getting tons of deserved respect. Props to you for writing it so well and promoting it the way you guys have. I think you guys kick ass and I'm glad to see your reputation is growing.
--Mountain Mirrors

*I have read many reviews of our albums..many very positive of course, but I must say that I have not read many reviews like yours who so fully understands what we are after..what we want to achieve with our music.
--Trettioariga Kriget

*I checked out your site and you have some killer bands I have never heard of.....great stuff! Man, it's so cool how there is so much talent out there. I appreciate your work in searching out these gems.
--93 Harding

*What a breath of fresh air to read such a well structured, accurately detailed, intelligent review in an age when so much shit is being written. Good or bad it would still have been a pleasure to read. Thanks again and I'll make sure Burke gets to read it.

*That is a great review, not only because you dig what we're laying down, but it is extremely well written and poetic in and of itself. It feels great to have our statement understood. With love.
--K23 Orchestra

*That is the most beautiful review I've ever read - thank you so much for really LISTENING to the songs! It's so easy to lose faith at times; despite our determination to keep "having a good time" as the main priority (and not "making it"), playing to a blank wall can still be frustrating! It's people like you who provide continued inspiration. Thank you again; I'll put you in our top friends to help spread the ripples further!
--The Dooberies

*We read the review and it is cookin' man! Thanks a million for putting so much energy into your review and for getting the point across that our music is energetic Rowdy Rock'n Roll. I think people forget to have a little fun with it all sometimes. We posted a blog with a link to the review. Again, Thanks for the support man...

*Thanks so much for the nice review !!!! Looks like you put a lot of work into it!!!
We have alot of friends and fans that would love to read it!!
--Dream Aria

*Thank you so much for the vote of confidence man! We really appreciate your time and both, actually listening....and writing the review! Couldn't ask for more...and you hit the nail on the head man!

*Thanks so much for that review. Really. This is one for the press kit.
--Jade Leary

*Thanks a lot. it's always good to have someone on our side. great review. You hit a lot of things right on. Thanks again
--Mos Generator

*Wow! Thanks! What a wonderful and wonderfully insightful review! I will definitely link to it from the Bongos' MySpace page and my main website. Thank you again for the terrific review, your support, and friendship.
--Richard Barone

*Wow! I'm really impressed with your review. Usually I feel as if people listen to about 20 seconds of each song, if that and review. I can tell you really gave us a good listen and I want to say thanks for that.
--The Waking

*Thanks so much for this review - up under "press section" on our webpage www. enslaved. no
Thanks for your support!

*I must say you are doing a great service to many a good band that need more attention. Maybe they will be helped by your blog. I wish and pray. Let the best bands win.
--Great Annonymous

*WOW you’re almost the first person to really get where the album was coming from. Much appreciated and impressed – the references and commentary are spot on. I’ll make sure you get a copy before anyone else in the USA, definitely.
--The Automatic

*Wow, thanks man that was a good review...someone actually "got" the tunes and fully listened. Thats refreshing! Thanks for taking the time!
--Attic of Love

*A most excellent review sir! And also a fine way to start my week....

Thanks for the VERY interesting take on the album - I appreciate the fact you did something different, and the film analogy is perfect. We will for sure use some excerpts for our myspace, and have the full review on our website very soon. I also really appreciate the kudos you gave us regarding the artwork and production - It took us close to 10 years to get this CD out and part of the reason is that we wanted to make sure we were presenting the best possible album we could - So thanks for noticing the extra work we put into the presentation.

Thanks again for your support and the totally wicked review.

hey man you wrote a killer review and it's clear you have sufficient gray matter to have hit the mark on our "genre" as unintentional as it may have been. I thought it was very insightful and very gratifying for us three.
--JPT Scare Band

This is a great review. we're all stoked to read it and we cannot WAIT for you to see us live and get the NEXT album!!!LOL we're betting people will like it even more!

*THE RIPPLE EFFECT. Not only does this Blogger-based web source feature exceptional writing from site proprietors Todd "Racer" Severin and "Pope" John Rancik, their taste in the heavy and obscure lines up intimately with ours. The variety of different genres, from indie rock to punk to metal and beyond, as well as the depth of musical analysis is exactly the type of site most of our readers should bookmark.

The way THE RIPPLE EFFECT works is thus: if it's reviewed, it's recommended. The focus is describing and detailing music you haven't heard, but need to experience. Reading the blog, there's no off-putting musical ignorance, content poaching, or pretentious, genre-damning listen to how smart I am cyber-babble that some web geniuses enthusiastically spew. In fact, one gets the impression that these guys would spread the word with carrier pigeons if that was the only medium available. It's all about turning rock addicts with hungry ears onto fresh, vital music of the past and present. Sound familiar? Then get thy scurvy arse over to the Ripple Effect and check out the good word!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our record, you have truly made our day! We are very excited about the future of this band and all of our future work. We are very glad that there are people like you working for underground artists and for good music in general. We look forward to keeping you close and to letting you know all that is to come. truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!
--Petty Crux

*It means alot when you can actually tell the reviewer listened to the album and can go in depth and describe it. That doesn't always happen and it is very appreciated.
--fear nuttin band

*I'm truly loving this review! I could go on and on! But it is just absolutely thrilling when a respected and talented music reviewer (that's Racer X!) understands and applauds Dave's music for its artistry. You're one talented and extremely intelligent reviewer, and one who truly "Got IT" when it comes down to the artistic meaning of the music.
Thanks again so very much and I would love to quote your review on his website, cd baby link, apple iTunes, and future press releases with your permission.

--Pickle Sun Music re: Dave Dill

*Wow, that is an incredibly bitchin' article. I am in love with that Shame Club disc, too. Those guys rule. Thank you thank you thank you for the kind words about our album. And you are pretty much right on the money with the sci-fi pulp novel comparison.

*Hey Pope and Racer, sweet feckin show, guys! Nice job!! My favorite track was that Imogene song. I have to get that cd.

My favorite parts was you guys just shooting the shit though. Sounds like you huys had a lot of fun and worked well together. You both sound like radio professionals.
--Mountain Mirrors

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