Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"Religare" is the second full-length from the french female-fronted band BVDK

"Religare" is a tribute to all the Asian influences who inspired the band and is out now.

"Religare" is the mix of Post-Black Metal, Jazz and Acid Jazz influences, organic drums and electronic / breakcore beats.

Some of their musical influences for this album are: Igorrr, Chic, Blacklodge, Aphex Twin, Pavillon Rouge, Mr. Bungle, Pryapisme, Persona 5 OST, Miles Davis, Deafheaven, Krallice, Macross 82-99.

Lvx : Vocals, Electronics.
A-152 : Bass, Guitars, Drums, Drum Beats, Electronics
Scree : Guitars
Benjamin Marchal : Additional Drum Beats

"Religare" was recorded by Benjamin Marchal in October MMXVII at "La Main Noire Studio".
Mixed and Mastered by Benjamin Marchal.


1. Le Chariot pt. 1
2. Le Soleil pt. 1
3. Le Soleil pt. 2
4. L'Arcane Sans Nom
5. La Maison-Diev pt. 1
6. La Maison-Diev pt. 2
7. Le Chariot pt. 2
8. L'amovrevx

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