Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On the Ripple Desk: Featuring Dirt Eater and Deville

Dirt Eater - S/T

See, I totally love this.  Forget spending a ton of money on meaningless expensive crap, Dirt Eater just want to get their scuzzy punk diatribes out there.  A plain brown genric cover with some nicely placed stickers of band logo (front cover) and band photos (back cover) are all that's needed.  Toss in some copied insert and we're set.  That's DIY to the nth degree and massive respect.

Fortunately, the songs make even this amount of effort worthwhile. A brand of desert scuzzy, cactus fuzz punk and roll.  Kinda reminds me of the dry and crusty rock of John Wilkes Booth (wonder if they're still around? )  Each song is a quasi-hardcore burst of pure adrenaline, bare melodies, a chaos of drums and scuzz, lots of scuzz.  But what else would you expect from a band named Dirt Eater. 

Looks like the vinyl is a compilation of the two ep's available on their bandcamp, which is a cool sampling of their dusty grooves.  Particularly dig their dried-to-the-bone version of UFO's "Prince Kajuku".  Nicely done.

The best thing I've ever heard?   No, of course not, but fun and real.  Definitely one to help support.

Deville - Hydra

Deville are not new, having been on the scene for some time now, but they are new to me.  And from now on, I can say, they're well known and shall forever be known to me. Originally released back in 2013, Scott was kind enough to drop this into my package when I stopped by to pick up the Lord Fowl album.  Since I'd heard of the band, but couldn't remember actually ever hearing them, I wasted no time in diving right in.

What we got here is some pure, kick-ass rawk and roll, with simply killer riffs, driving rhythm and melodies meaty enough to really sink your teeth into.  Combine all that goodness with some fierce guitar work and vocals that are clean, but throaty enough to hold muscle and we got all the makings of a power rock record.  Won't go into the individual tracks here, but they're all simply corkers.  I won't call this stoner rock, even though there is enough fuzz on the songs to make a thousand bed comforters.  It's simply high-octane, guitar mad rock.  Some people will throw out names like Kyuss or the Foo Fighters.  I'll simply turn the album over and spin it again.

Do yourself a favor, stop over at Small Stone Records and check em out for yourself.

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