Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Night - Raft Of The World
Oskar – Vocals/ Guitar, Sammy – Guitar. Joseph – Bass – Dennis – Battery

Fire Across The Sun has a riff that slowly builds this reminds me of progressive rock/ Demon at its finest with some amazing heartfelt guitar work and an excellent rhythm.  Surrender has a foot tapping beat and some great bass along with excellent vocals.  Under The Gallows has a nwobhm feel to it.  It has a feel good riff and is an excellent sing along song. Omberg is an acoustic into the song Time. This has an Asia feel to it without the keyboards.  This takes you back to the great progressive hard rock of the 70’s with some awesome guitar leads. Strike of Lightning has a great guitar intro that will have you closing your eyes and just jamming.  This along with some excellent drumming and excellent tempo changes has you tappin your foot the entire song.  Winds has sort of a Uriah Heep feel to mixed with maybe Demon.  This like every song has some awesome twin lead and harmony guitars.  This song will have you playing air guitar and not caring what people think.  Coin In A Fountain, just imagine Pink Floyd and Uriah Heep mixed and that’s what you have.  Where Silence Awaits is another Demon style of song.  Great riffs and excellent musicianship show what this band is all about.  A great way to end the album.

Old James – Speaks Volumes
Brian Stephenson – Vocals/ Bass, Chris Stephenson – Drums, Sir Andy T Cat Thompson – Guitar

Don’t Put It On Me grabs you from the start with the singer’s high scream then a very bluesy Zeppelin/ Hendrix style song kicks in great way to start the album.  Lemons has more of a Sabbath meets Grand Funk style mixed with maybe a little Beatles.  So Real has excellent rhythms and a very bluesy feel that reminds me of Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  Word as weapons starts with a very Jimi Hendrix guitar sound mixed with some Cream. Salutations, drumming starts off the song along with some vocals then an awesome riff kicks in I hear some Living Colour influence in this song.  Bass Ik Instincts is a bass interlude with drums into Kill Off The Rose.  This Sabbath meets Texas blues hard rock has you closing your eyes and just going with the flow of the song.  Eugene has lots of fuzz on the guitars and a solid beat another blues hard rock style that is amazing.  Speak Volumes has a Cream meets Joe Satraini style with some Hendrix mixed in.  Master Imploder is Cream meets southern rock meets blues an awesome song.

Old Man Wizard – Innocent Hands
Francis Roberts – Vocals/ Guitar, Kris Calabio – Drums, Andy Beller – Bass

Innocent Hands has a very old Pink Floyd meets blast beats a strange style with some great leads and almost funky bass.   Blind Prince is more progressive rock with some strange sounds and influences.

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