Friday, October 27, 2017

Flummox - Garage Prog

Alright, Flummox from Murfreesboro, TN is a strange but wonderful band that I became acquainted with when their first full-length, 'Phlummoxygen' came out back in 2014. Their new amazing EP, 'Garage Prog' was officially released on June 24th 2017. In between, two singles and a second full-length has seen the light of day. On this new recording Flummox has grown from a trio into a quartet with new drummer Alan Pfeifer joining ranks along with second guitarist Justin Smith. But this has not altered their quirkiness whatsoever. Instead, more dimensions have been added to their one-of-a-kind sound which heightens their greatness further. As heavy and metal as they can be, Primus has seeped in to the sound way more than before and I love it. And this is guiding the band closer to creating their own music. Best of all is that Flummox doesn't give a fuck! Don't you just love that attitude? I sure do, even more so when you deal with deep-South free-thinkers with talent to match. Colours from the entire palette are used in this awe-inspiring work of art which brings Flummox to the very front of new innovators.

Full throttle from the get-go, ‘Hey!’ is a short boisterous affair that is the closest thing to a “proper” metal song on this EP. Flummox won’t let off the pedal and I love it. As you are trying to catch your breath ‘Tom Walker Blues’ explodes like a punk/hardcore/Primus composition only to hit doom mode halfway through mixed with a ton of groove. Confusing? Not in the slightest, if you ask me. Because Flummox know how to tie a million pieces together and create complete order within the most chaotic atmosphere. ‘A Bundle Of Styx’ is the song that defines the band best. It starts off as a slow-ish blues rocker only to morph into a Primus-esque headfucker. Odd time signatures walk hand in hand with trippy, heavy rock elements and insanity. No holds barred they throw caution to the wind and the end result is fucking fabulous. Hmmm….is closer ‘Black Philip’ based on The Sweet’s ‘Ballroom Blitz’? The punkish intro sure reminds me of it before switching to neck breaking mode to finally settle for a Kinghorse sound. All this happens within the first 90 seconds and I’m blown away. A melting pot indeed, but again Flummox are the new masters at blending styles and ideas, like it’s nobody’s business. After a mellow trippy middle part, they open the gates to the maelstrom again and I am sucked in and mangled and beaten to a bloody pulp. And I love it! Did I say I love it? Yeah, I did.

If the powers that be within music actually focused on real bands, creating real music, Flummox would be mega stars by now. As we all know though, those powers that be only go for the quick dollars and peoples blatant laziness, so the real bands out there rarely – if ever – get the attention they deserve. Flummox is a truly amazing band who deserves world recognition and ‘Garage Prog’ show how they go from strength to strength with each release they put out. Thank you for introducing me to the world of Flummox, guys!


Band Photo Credit: Personal Bliss Photography

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