Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Breag Naofa – Cearo

Roger Kilburn – Guitar, Sam Lettes – Guitar, Tre Tre – Guitar, Rob Mcfeters – Vocals,
Dustin Carroll – Bass, Bobby Hamana - Drums

This is a two song EP that starts with the eleven minute The Mourning Of.  It has excellent guitar work, progressive music and growly vocals.  Next is an eight minute death metal festival of growling vocals, blast beats and rough guitar riffs called Phosphorous.

Captain SIB – Self Titled
Band members - Stewart Ireland, Ian Fraser, Billy Mushet

Two songs from this band from Hamilton, Scotland.  You can check them out on soundcloud.  Einstein takes you back to the new wave era of the 80’s, then kicks to a sort of pop punk song.  Punked Out has an almost disco beat mixed with power pop punk and new wave.

Crawl – This Sad Cadav’r
The songs on this EP are just listed as I, II & III.  This is soundscape music that just worms its way through your brain slowly, kind of an updated Tangerine Dream meets Hawkwind.

Grande Royale – Breaking News
Band members – Andreas Jena, Hampus Steemburg, Gustave Wremer, Calle Ljungstrom, Marcus Gustaffson

Know it All starts this album with some excellent riffs to play air guitar and air drums to.  Also some great bass work and sing along vocals.  One excellent toe tappin' song.  Brake Light starts with another great bass and guitar intro then has sort of a Beatles/Stones feel to it, but slightly heavier with more great vocals.  Devils Place has a Lynyrd Skynyrd feel mixed with maybe some Bad Company/Free adding excellent soulful guitar leads.  A great song to kick back to and have a cold one.  Breaking News definitely has a southern rock feel, a great song to sing along with that takes you back to the 70’s when some awesome music was made.  Live With Your Lie reminds me of a Bad Company style song with a great bluesy beat and excellent vocals with screaming leads.  Daily Illustration is another Lynyrd Skynyrd inspired song mixed with some Allman Brothers.  Got To Move has a sort of southern rock meets George Thorogood style to the music.  This song will have your head bobbin' and your feet moving from the first note.  One Second continues the southern rock blues theme with some awesome bass that goes throughout the song.  This band really knows how to hold a groove.  R’n’R Business has a Rolling Stones feel to the music and vocals.  Great searing lead guitar and a groove that never leaves the pocket.  I’m On The Loose starts slowly with some excellent gravelly vocals then kicks into a sixties, early 70’s style of classic hard rock.


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