Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Mindcult – Lucifer’s Dream
Fowst- All Instruments and Vocals

Drink My Blood/ Nightmares is a very plodding stoner style of song with some almost spoken word vocals and a great riff.  Behold The Wraith is very Black Sabbath influenced with a touch of gothic and very distorted guitars.  Infernals is slightly faster but not by very much.  It feels as if you are in slow motion.  Howling Witch starts with strange sounds and spoken words from some movie then a bass from hell kicks in and takes over with a slow plodding guitar.  Lucifer’s Dream has sort of a marching beat but at the time still slow and plodding.  This song continues for over 9 minutes.

My Ticket Home – Unreal
Nick Guimenti -  Vocals/ Bass, Marshal Guimenti -  Drums, Derek Blevins – Guitar, Matt Gallucci-  Guitar

Thrush has sort of a punk meets new wave meets metal sound.  Flee The Flesh has a Clash feel to the music along with certain elements of gothic.  Flypaper is more industrial metal with a mix of Pantera. Time Kills everything slowly builds with some strange sounds and music, almost like industrial meets early Pink Floyd.  Hyperreal is another almost new wave song but updated with many of today’s influences.  Redline is punk meets metal meets industrial meets gothic.  Joi has slow plodding guitar and vocals that cross between yelling and spoken.  Gasoline Kiss has excellent drumming, rough guitar riffs, and chorus like vocals along with some yelling.  Cellophane, another slow plodding song with very dark emotional vocals, is not death metal but dark just the same.  Down Life has the feeling of walking into a haunted house and feeling all the emotions of that place.  We All Use goes back to the punk meets metal meets new wave feel back and forth.  Melancholia drags you down into the depths of despair.  Ending the album is Visual Snow with its ethereal sounds and slow vocals.


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