Friday, August 25, 2017

Two From Xroadie

Affliktor – Affliktor

Tony Knapp – Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass
Transcending Obscurity Records

Guitar legend Toby Knapp is back with another dose of metal mayhem from his newest band.  The album starts with Storms of Demogorgon with blast beats from hell shredding guitar and growls that would make any demon proud this album starts off by grabbing you by the throat and not letting go. Next up is Born to the Breeder with an excellent fist pumping metal riff followed by Backwards into Hell.  This song sounds like it was written and recorded in Hell.  Fans of extreme death metal will love this song and album Chaos Magick has some excellent metal riffs and shredding leads along with the blast beat drums Burn the Earth takes hold of your brain and makes you head bang until it hurts.  The Singularity just runs your ass over with all of its might and force.  Planet Rogue is another great metal riff in the style of Annihilator.  Nothing Shall Arise is an excellent mosh pit song with its driving riffs and beats. Pazuzu Invokes ends the album with some strange guitar sounds that pierce into your brain.

Clockwork – Kill In Time  
Lou Cebello – Vocals, Tommy Vetterli – Guitar, Peter J Waelty – Bass, Peter Haas – Drums

The album starts off with Push a metal industrial sounding song that has a very infectious rhythm. Next is Perfect Victim this is more of a thrash speed metal song and would be great to mosh to.  Many Faced has more of a classic metal feel to the guitar riffs alternating back and forth from thrash to more classic metal.  Killing Time is like a machine gun shooting riffs at you with a very solid beat it also has some slower melodic twists and turns.  Peacemaker has more of a groove beat and almost a blues metal guitar sound mixed with some industrial.  Stronzo is a great metal song with a riff that just makes you want to mosh.  Rape The Dinosaurs reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies with an excellent groove rhythm.  The Fog begins with a Bass riff then the rest of the band kicks in with a slow plodding rhythm.  This album has many influences but is well worth checking out and deciding for yourself .


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