Monday, May 29, 2017

Dö - Astral: Death / Birth EP

photo credits: Jaakko Rinne

If you're not familiar with this band then do yourself a favour and check them out. Dö are a blackened stoner doom band that are coming from Helsinki, Finland. They combine the hammering doom with an excellent stoner rock vibe. Sometimes it’s so effective it’ll blow your brains out.

The group is Big Dog on guitar, Deaf Hank on bass and lead vocals, and Joe E. Deliverance playing drums and contributing background vocals. They call their music style “döömer”, a genuine combination of stoner, doom, sludge with death/black metal twists here and there.

Since they rose to form the band in 2013, they have released a couple of EPs and a full-length . In terms of the EPs there was a self titled one in 2014 and then the Den EP 2015. 2016’s full-length Tuho was my first discovery of the band and less than a year later Dö are back with their latest release, a concept EP called Astral: Death / Birth. The band are inspired about the future and about the negative future for mankind. After I had listened several times to the bands latest effort however I think the opposite

The first track, “Astral Death” starts off with an alarming guitar before heading into a thick, massive and slow riffing-session. A wall of very, very tight and compact sound just the way you want your stoner rock to sound. Track two, “Astral Birth,” starts like a post-rock/progressive song . It has the specific prog-ish extended jamming number vibe and they spice it up with some space-doom. The chanting voice of Hank during the build up reminds me of a forgotten astronaut in space. Then the guitar really kicks in and all hell breaks loose. It's absolutely mindblowing! Very nice and one of the albums many epic moments.

This majestic EP brings the listener into an unearthly journey and it’s epic. The bands repetitive patterns and the mindfucking creepy atmosphere the band create are delightful. The only negative aspect is that it’s way to short.

If the band continues like this I see only good things coming up in the future. Dö means that someone's dying in Swedish but this monster EP makes me feel more alive than ever. Well done boys!


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