Monday, June 13, 2016

Ocean of Stars - Great Divide


Almost a year to the day of the release of their amazing self-titled debut EP, Ocean Of Stars unleash a new wax for us lovers of psychedelic and heavy rock with an "out there" twist. And this instrumental Austin quartet are going from strength to strength with this single, 'Great Divide'. Still sounding like themselves, the two changes from last time are the performance is even better and the two main ingredients, rock and psychedelia, have been enhanced. And that’s what any music lover wants from their favourite bands. Hold on to your sound but make small, yet significant changes with each release. Ocean Of Stars has done exactly that and subsequently cemented their status as a band well above the rest.

Keeping a mid-paced tempo throughout with a mix of Americana, blues and heavy rock as the foundation, the psychedelic parts bloom when the saxophone joins. Soaring and floating it brings out a sense of serenity and majesty as the band takes us on a trip along the Great Divide. Well, that’s my interpretation because I honestly don’t know if they aim to portray the grandeur of The Great Divide that extends from the Bering Strait in Alaska all the way down to the Strait of Magellan in Chile. Or if they simple want to depict the vastness of their home state, Texas. Regardless, Ocean Of Stars has painted a fantastic painting of traveling across vast expanses of land in solitude and it is amazing!

The conductors, or drivers, if you like, on this journey are Melanie Martinez and Ric Furley, on bass guitar and drums respectively. They keep our vessel on a steady and continuous roll while maintaining the engine so nothing happens to it. Not only that, but their engineering allows Danny G, guitar, and Derek Rodrigues, saxophone, to be our guides, explaining all the wonders we see along the way. Taking turns playing amazing solos while the other one keeps the excellent rhythm going, it’s no small wonder why these Texans had me captivated from the word go.

If you like music that challenges you, as well as creating beautiful visions, look no further. Ocean Of Stars are a rare breed that follows their own path completely. Not wanting to hold back in favour of instant stardom, they stick to their guns and subsequently their integrity. What they create is amazing music that should be heard and favoured by the masses, so don’t miss out. Look them up and buy their music, you won’t be disappointed dear waveriders!



Born in Austin said...

Thanks, Swedebeast!!

Håkan Nyman said...

My pleasure...thanks for the great music!

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