Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blackwitch Pudding – Betty Kougar/Herman The Worm Man

Blackwitch Pudding are back with this new 7” release, and they've brought along a special guest, Soul Wizard, to belt out some vocals. I don't want to give away too much, but if you're a fan of Witch Mountain, especially the last few albums, I think you'll recognize Soul Wizard pretty easily. This is definitely a collaboration made in heaven. Or hell, depending on your perspective.

There are just two songs on offer here, but man are they good ones. Both songs are about pretty despicable characters. Herman the Worm Man, especially, will make your skin crawl. If you know this band from previous releases, you know that they blend some very tasty heavy music with some tongue in cheek, often very funny lyrics. These tracks are no different. You can look at the titles and figure out what the songs are about, but you will still get a kick out of the lyrics, and fortunately they are sung very clearly and distinctly so you get full value.

Don't mistake this for some kind of joke or parody release, though. There is some serious heaviness going on in the music. These guys get lumped into doom or stoner rock a lot, but they seem to me to be a good, solid, heavy rock band. Just because the subject matter is a little over the top doesn't mean there is some Weird Al stuff going on here. If you enjoy heavy music then you will dig this little taste of the Pudding.


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