Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lotus Thief – Revrm

For all of you who think that metal bands are a bunch of knuckle dragging Neanderthals who either worship Satan or drag entrails from the nether regions of young women,  may I present Lotus Thief, and their new release “Revrm”.  It's based on the epic philosophical poem called “De rerum natura”, written by the Roman poet Lucretius.  And before you go thinking, “Well la de freakin' da, Mr. Smartypants”, I had to look all that up and read the press release and stuff.  I'm not a knuckle dragger but its pretty much all I can do to string together 500 words for one of these reviews.

What does it all sound like? That, my friends, is a very good question.  The music defies easy description.  You could probably ask 5 people to describe this to you and get 5 different takes.  I'm going to say that it sounds like very spacey rock, pretty much mid-tempo all the way through, with a tendency towards being black metal curious.  There is some of the Isis/Neurosis quiet/loud, soft/heavy dynamics going on.  There are lots of acoustic or electronic interludes between the main songs.  Listening closely to the interludes made me think that maybe there was some pattern or story to be told by them, but nothing I could really ferret out. 

The music is very well done.  These are some great songs.  On drums we have Otrebor of Botanist fame, and on everything else we have Bezaelith.  Which is cool, although if they plan to be a live band they will obviously have to flesh out the lineup.  The everything else, by the way, includes guitars, acoustic and electric, bass, and keys.  The vocals are well done, again by Bezaelith, although there is the almost de rigeur female vocals in heavy music lately with the close harmonies and all.

These are the kind of tunes you want to listen to with headphones so you can catch everything that is taking place in the music.  There is a lot going on and the songs are built up well.  There is a very organic flow to the entire album, as it is sequenced without any breaks between songs, just the aforementioned interludes.  Just put it on and let it flow and it will take you on a journey through the nature of things.  It is intelligent and arty music without being full of itself, without being smug and showing off and thinking that it is oh so clever.  It honestly made me feel that I would like to read the poem on which all of this music is based, because it is so good.

It may be that what we have here is a new kind of post-metal, call it thinking man's metal.  A lot of bands have based their music for an album or two on the written word, or pulled out some songs here and there based on the literary medium.  An entire album that makes you feel and makes you think, and makes you want to explore even more, is a pretty rare feat in any genre of music.  Kudos to Lotus Thief for pulling it off in a big way. 


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