Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lord - Alive In Golgotha EP

The last year or so has been testing for Lord. Line-up problems meant the recording for this EP was done as a three-piece since their bass player, Helena Goldberg, left. Steven Sullivan pulled double duties playing both drums and bass guitar and did so admirably. However, once the studio session was over, he left the camp amicably leaving guitarist Will Rivera and singer Steve Kerchner hanging in the balance. 'Alive In Golgotha' would have been the perfect epitaph for this sludgy stoner band had they decided to call it quits. It's that good of a release. Messieurs Rivera and Kerchner wanted otherwise and assembled a new line-up which is already working on a new full-length. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is clearly a proverb these guys live by.

Throwing caution to the wind Lord goes for the throat right away. 'We Own The Storms' starts at 100mph and never lets off the gas. Ripping, pulling, pounding me to bits and pieces, the band is absolutely relentless and I fucking love it. It's like being trapped in a brutal snow storm where the wind sucks the breath out of you, killing you painfully. Letting off the speed slightly, 'What You May Call The Devil Is Amongst Us' goes more for groove and pounding percussive rhythms backing up Kerchner's deranged vocals while Will's buzzsaw guitar riffs its way through it like a laser beam. Muy bien hombres!

Starting out like a moshpit from hell, 'With Reaching Hooves' alternates between brutal hardcore, moshy grooves and more contemplative segments. Everything flows back and forth so beautifully and easily creating a powder-keg of emotions waiting to erupt. Lord are at their very best here, not that the other songs are less good. Quite the contrary, but 'With Reaching Hooves' is the stand-out track for yours truly. Nothing but amazing.
Aaaaaargh, fuck me running! The last song 'Golgotha' brings back so many memories. This is how I love my death metal played in sludge, evil, brooding and inventive. What makes this one step out of the frame is Lord utilizing more black metal-ish vocals and all this blended together works fantasically well.

For a band that has been through a lot, turmoil can be the perfect catalyst to write and record greatness. I really don't know if this is the case with Lord. However, I have followed their progress through the years so I am not surprised they created a bad ass release. What amazes me though is how damned great this EP is. Even as a longtime fan of the band, they caught me off guard and I love that.

Like I stated earlier, 'Alive In Golgotha' would have been the perfect end musically for these Virginians. But as powerful and majestic as the EP is, I am very happy they are still alive - no pun intended - because this is music for everybody. Whatever your preferences are and whatever frame of mind you're in, this wax has everything. Each listen brings out something new and personally, my mood decides what way I will perceive it. And to me that means high musical class. Don't miss out waveriders, get yourself a copy and become reborn...the proper way!

- Swedebeast

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