Thursday, October 16, 2014

All Them Witches - Lightning At The Door

Lightning at the Door takes the stoner, psych, blues music we all love and creates a witches brew which captivates the listener into a hypnotic state. No need to compare them to all other "Witch" bands as All Them Witches are the witchiest witches of the Wild West, which goes without saying. It wasn't until earlier this year it seemed the hype began soaring around the musical underworld on its dusty, rickety old broom. The album was self-released in 2013 on bandcamp, which I had the pleasure of discovering then, but was just recently re-released on vinyl on September 16th, 2014, which I purchased and received earlier this week.

Highlights include every damn song. Early on in the record, The Marriage of Coyote Woman displays a Pink Floydian heavy blues rock, flavored with subtle psychedelics. Swallowed By The Sea swallows you with a lumbering riff belted out within a whirlpool of psychoticism. Doomy fuzz pedals for air as the salty atmosphere engulfs the mind, flowing endlessly upon a smoky current of dust.

The album staggers on maintaining an intoxicating fury of psychedelic blues. Charles William is likely the front runner for most popular song on the album and for good reason. Lyrical slurs such as "Jesus was my dad.... I wanna raise the dead.... I wanna take you home....," are hauntingly belted throughout the storyline catching your attention like a genie’s spell to a poor man’s wish.

Overall the album's authenticity is potent enough to crash your random piss test at work. The atmosphere is hazy, the mood is laid back, and the energy is electric like a bolt of lightning at the door. If you haven't jumped on the wagon it's never too late. All Them Witches is unique and special in a musical climate where it's difficult to distinguish a signature sound. They do it in astonishing fashion and with apparent ease. I've never met a salesman like you before, but I'm sold on this album and highly recommend you take a break from reality and jump into a state of ecstasy brought on with a spin or two of this magnificent album.

-The Huntsman

*Bonus item, grab their latest effort Effervescent on bandcamp for free below.

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